DLM Tree Service

Our team of trained and competent staff are always available to provide landscaping assessments as well as environmentally friendly tree care and maintenance. We are dedicated to preserving the natural splendor the tree in Burlington, NJ, have to offer, and so we are happy to provide free residential and commercial consultations for any tree project, big or small. Our certified arborists at DLM Tree Service offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

Tree Removal & Stump Removal

Whether you need to remove a tree to free up space for a beautiful view, or you need a stump removed so to eliminate that eyesore in your backyard, our crew can remove it all with proficiency and professionalism. Stumps can often harbor various amounts of pests like weevils, termites, ants, and many more. Remove that stump before those bugs infiltrate other surrounding trees and foliage. Hire our crew today to save time and money on your next tree and stump removal service in Burlington, NJ, and the nearby cities.

Lot Clearing

After a large landscaping project or a full tree removal, your yard can often pile up with junk or foliage, so our professionals at DLM Tree Service can come out and clean everything up. From shrubbery to leaves to weeds and branches, our team has the hauling equipment available to leave your yard completely free and clean. Contact us today for your next lot cleaning service estimate in Beverly, NJ, and the encompassing areas.

Full Tree Service

From tree trimming to pruning to crown reduction, our team of skilled arborists can complete any tree service job you throw our way. After many years in the industry, our team has come to learn how to best look at a tree and determine what service is best for it. Our trimming and pruning can help retain your tree's health and expand its lifespan. Our crown reduction can help let your tree breath by getting rid of a large mass of unnecessary foliage, giving it room to blossom and grow healthier future limbs. For your next full service tree needs, call our team today to set up a consultation for Delanco, NJ, and the surrounding cities.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

From your foliage to your walkways and patios, our team can install it all. Let our professional designers install a hardscape feature in your year that compliments and aids your softscape landscaping. By hiring our team, you will have more leisurely time available to relax and enjoy your yard all year long. Having professional equipment available to us at all times, our prices can remain competitive and honest. If you’re ready to turn your dream landscape into a reality, call our team today for an estimate in Lawrence, NJ, and the nearby areas.

New Trees

Trees quickly boost property value, curb appeal, and privacy to your yard. In addition to the style and beauty they provide, trees also give off shade which often keeps homes cooler in hotter seasons, decreasing internal temperature costs for owners and renters. Our seasoned team can help guide you through the process of picking which tree is best for your property and your maintenance schedule. If you’re interested in planting new trees on your property soon, count on our team for an excellent tree planting service in Delran, NJ, and the accompanying towns.

Concrete Driveways

Driveways are one of the largest chunks of hardscaping you have on your property. Too often people think it is just a place to park their car, when really it is one of the most prominent features of their home. Whether your driveway is cracked or sagging, our team can come out, grade it properly, and pour concrete to make it look brand new. Our team is proud of every pour they do, leaving the site clean, and producing a product that is guaranteed to last for the years to come. For your upcoming driveway concrete service, call our team today for a free estimate in Westampton, NJ, and the encompassing areas.

Fencing & Retaining Walls

Adding a fence to your property can help you regulate who is coming onto and off of your property, adding a level of security to your home that can leave you feeling at ease. Retaining walls are multifunctional, keeping soil in place and keeping erosion at bay, something our team at DLM Tree Service know all about and are ready to explain and guide you through. So for your next fencing and retaining wall installation, give our team a call for Burlington, NJ, and the nearby cities.

Sidewalks & Pavers

Adding paves and sidewalks to your